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When you are ready to work our staff will perform an assessment to determine a person's skills and interests. Then, working closely together, staff will determine the most comfortable work situation for each individual. Through a wide range of services, including counseling, work assessment, and on-the-job training, each person is assured to receive the ongoing support that will ensure successful employment.

With several agency work locations and many opportunities for community employment, staff at Seneca Cayuga Industries do their best to find the right job for the right person.

In Our Facilities

An individual might start out in our workshop, where he/she will be trained and supervised by skilled professionals. Of the many different jobs available on the production floor, learning to complete assembly jobs or operating state-of-the-art equipment are just a few of the basics. Here, production workers take pride in the work that they complete for local and state companies, such as Nucor Steel or Crosman Corporation. In addition to earning a paycheck, workers gain a sense of responsibility in knowing they are contributing to the success of Seneca Cayuga Industries. A typical day includes time for lunch and a morning and afternoon break which helps to create a healthy social atmosphere.

Others might enjoy the hustle and bustle of the agency's knit and textile division, which is located at 1885 Danaren Drive in Waterloo. Along with the busy hum of sewing machines and workers tagging hats or packing boxes, visitors quickly notice the American flag hanging high on the wall, alongside the flags of the United States Army and the United States Navy. Workers here are proud to support our American troops as they produce knit and fleece caps for the U.S. Department of Defense. Since 1993, Seneca Cayuga Industries has manufactured headgear for the government, completing and shipping over 10 million individual pieces.

In the Community


As people improve their work skills, many are ready to try employment in the community. We can help individuals ease into that new phase by placing him/her on one of our On-Site Teams. This option offers individuals to work as a team at one local business. For example, each day Joe makes the trip to at G. W. Lisk, Inc. in Clifton Springs where he completes a variety of tasks, including the assembly of parts and products for national companies Ford Motors and the GM Corporation. Workers are transported to and from their work location where on-the-job assistance is provided as needed by Arc of Seneca Cayuga.


For those who like to 'keep on the go', they'll enjoy being part of a Mobile Team. This is a group of individuals who perform the same jobs, but at a number of business sites during the week. On Monday and Wednesday, the job could be cleaning windows and emptying trash at the McQuay International in Auburn. The other days would be spent at another community business, performing similar jobs. During summer months, the mobile lawn maintenance crew is a great option for folks who love to work outdoors. Transportation to and from the work site and supervision during the shift is provided by staff. This team approach empowers individuals as they learn their role and its importance to the team effort, while businesses receive the highest quality of service.

The Next Step

Individual Placement and Supported Employment

When the next goal is getting an independent job in the community, an Employment Specialist will be there every step of the way. Once hired, staff continue to provide the individual with support through the orientation process and with on-the-job training for as long as necessary, helping to ensure a successful placement for both parties. Punctuality, efficiency, responsibility and a positive attitude are just a few of the attributes gained through successful community employment. Employers know that working with Arc of Seneca Cayuga assures them that they will be hiring a qualified employee who has the support and job training necessary to be a success.

Enhanced Supported Employment

This pilot program enables us to provide intensive on-the-job support for an extended period of time to individuals who want to work in the community but need the extra assistance. Ken is working at MAXX 2000 in Port Byron, where he loves his part-time custodial job. According to owner, Irene Lamphere, "We benefit from having Arc of Seneca Cayuga's experienced staff on site to support Ken and he has become successful with that additional support."

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