service coordination


Children & Teens

When you want the best service for your child our Service Coordinators will work side-by-side with your family to help you learn about all the services and supports that are available from Arc of Seneca Cayuga and within your community. Whether you are looking for a bit of respite, help communicating with the school, a new doctor, need financial assistance, or have questions about the benefits your child is entitled to receive, our Service Coordinators will be able to help you.

Children three years of age and younger who are experiencing developmental delays (and who qualify through the Seneca County Department of Health's Early Intervention Program) can get the support and advocacy they need from our Early Intervention Service Coordinators. You will get peace of mind from our caring staff, as they work closely with you and with clinicians to identify and serve the needs of your child.

For more information, please call our Intake office

Seneca County (315) 856-8227
Cayuga County (315) 612-0129
or email


Getting to know you is the responsibility of the Service Coordinator. Our skilled professionals will identify the needs and goals of an individual through frequent conversations and regular home visits, making sure to include the family in decision-making.

Do you have questions about Medicaid eligibility or Social Security disability benefits? Would you like to get job training or continue your education? Perhaps you have health concerns, worries about housing, or legal difficulties. Maybe you require specialized equipment. Whatever the issue, the Service Coordinator is the point-person through which families will find the answers and who will stand by your side every step of the way.

For more information, please call our Intake office

Seneca County: (315) 856-8227
Cayuga County: (315) 612-0129
or email