Arc of Seneca Cayuga is committed to preserving the privacy of the personal health information (PHI) of every individual who receives our services.

The persons we serve have important rights that relate to inspecting and copying the medical information we maintain. They can amend or correct PHI; receive an accounting of our disclosures of PHI; request confidential communication regarding PHI; ask that we restrict certain uses or disclosures of PHI; and pursue a complaint if it appears we have violated their privacy rights.

The complete notice or a summary notice can be downloaded at the links below.

Our Notice of Privacy Practices fully explains the rights of the persons we serve and our obligations under the law. Although we may revise our Notice from time to time, any revision will apply to all records that we have created or maintained in the past, and to any records that we may create or maintain in the future.

The federal HIPAA Privacy Notice does not change the way persons receive services from Arc of Seneca Cayuga, or the privacy rights protected under NYS Mental Hygiene Law. It adds some details about how persons can exercise their rights.

For questions, concerns, or complaints about PHI-related matters, please contact:
Dan Evans at 315-856-8164

Jonathan's Law

Jonathan’s Law, enacted May 5, 2007, requires a more extensive notification and disclosure process for all Reportable Incidents & Notable Occurrences to a “Qualified Party” (i.e. guardian, parent, spouse, adult child, or adult sibling). The notification and disclosure requirements apply to events or situations which occur under the auspices of the agency, and must be by telephone or in person, within 24 hours of incident occurrence or discovery.

The agency will complete and send out a “Report on Actions Taken” to address the incident within 10 days of incident occurrence or discovery. This report will inform the receiving party what actions the agency has taken to protect the individual and address the situation.

The “Qualified Party” may request (a) Meeting with a QA Representative to discuss the incident and (b) Redacted copy of the incident report. A redacted copy means that all names, locations, and other identifying information are removed to maintain confidentiality. This will be done within 10 days of receipt of the written request.  

 Lastly, a “Qualifying Party” may request (c) Redacted copy of the investigation. This applies to Reportable (Abuse/Neglect) cases only and will be mailed out within 21 days of case closure by the agency’s Incident Review Committee. It is the policy of Arc of Seneca Cayuga to ensure all of the Jonathan’s Law requirements are met as per the timeframes outlined above.