Experience ARC


Day and Community Habilitation:


These smaller day habilitation groups are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of each person. We have programs suitable for the young and active, the elderly, and everyone in between. Once initial goals have been established, people who receive services with us will begin to learn new things, such as self-care, social skills, basic computer skills, or cooking and gardening. Although many activities take place at the program site, regular outings and volunteer opportunities provide plenty of chances to participate in the community.


Health Services Clinic:


Arc of Seneca Cayuga is an Article 16 certified clinic. Our licensed professionals deliver the highest quality of care as they strive to meet the individual needs of each person.

Services Available:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychiatry/Psychology
  • Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Speech-language therapy
  • Enhanced Supports for Challenging behaviors

Family Support:


Help and hope is what Arc provides to families. We have opportunities for family members to help plan for any event.

Guardianship: help for families who wish to file a petition through the Surrogate's Court for guardianship on behalf of an individual with a developmental disability.

Family Reimbursement: Funds for goods purchased and/or services received to benefit the family member with a disability.

Education & Training: Supports for the family to learn about, understand and cope with the developmental disability.

Personal Care Assistance: An in-home care program which allows individuals who require assistance with their personal care to hire and train an attendant of their choice.


Residential Services:


We provide 15 inviting community residential facilities that meet the needs of people with a range of abilities located throughout Seneca and Cayuga Counties.

Residential opportunities include:

Supervised apartments
Homes tailored to support diverse cultural and spiritual needs

Direct Support Professionals at Arc serve as life educators and mentors, providing a supportive environment that encourages independence and self-sufficiency.  Our residential services ensure that every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Service Coordination:


We provide Service Coordination to anyone in the community with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD). We help you navigate the complex state and local service system so you can make informed decisions for yourself or loved ones.

Arc’s Service Coordination supports more than 600 people, including children and teens, and can make identifying and applying for services easy and convenient.

Available Services Include:

  • Securing and maintaining benefits
  • Advocacy
  • Linking and referring to services
  • Maintaining health and safety
  • Housing
  • Health care



When you are ready to work, our staff will perform an assessment to determine a person's skills and interests. Then, working closely together, staff will determine the most comfortable work situation for each individual. Through a wide range of services, including counseling, work assessment, and on-the-job training, each person is assured to receive the ongoing support that will ensure successful employment. With several agency work locations and many opportunities for community employment, staff  do their best to find the right job for the right person.




Getting from here to there is safe and comfortable for everyone enrolled in Arc of Seneca Cayuga's day programs, regardless of physical limitations. People socialize with friends or spend quiet time alone as they travel their daily designated route. Each vehicle is manned by a skilled and knowledgeable Driver and Personal Transport Assistant.  We are here to get you there safe!