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  • Autism Support: Respite services and parent support group for families who have children, ages birth to 21, with autism or an autism spectrum disorder.
  • Clinical Services: Nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists and psychologists provide a full range of clinical services.
  • Enhanced Supports: Clinical and staff supports provided for children with challenging behaviors to enable them to participate in activities in their community.
  • Recreation: Small group and large group community outings, activities and events.
  • Respite: In-home or out-of-home care for your child with a disability.
  • Community Habilitation: Helps your child learn life skills.
  • Personal Care Assistance: An in-home care program which allows children who require assistance with their personal care to hire and train an attendant of their choice.
  • Transition Services: Provides assistance with the transition from school to employment or other services.
  • Service Coordination: Service Coordinators work side-by-side with individuals and families to help them learn about and access the wide variety of services and supports available.
  • Family Reimbursement: Funds for goods purchased and/or services received to benefit the family member with a disability.
  • Camp Columbus: Summer day camp on Owasco Lake for adults and children with disabilities.