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Additional Services



Arc of Seneca Cayuga subcontracts with local businesses at their worksite and provides a supervised crew to assist with their production needs. Enclaves, which help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain work skills and experience, are a stepping-stone toward community employment.

Mobile Work Crews:

Similar to an enclave, Seneca Cayuga's mobile work crews receive job coaching and training while providing custodial services as they travel to several businesses in Seneca and County counties. This program also serves as a stepping-stone to community employment.

Community Based Assessments:

Arc of Seneca Cayuga uses a unique approach featuring actual community work sites as opposed to the traditional paper and pencil testing to evaluate an individual's work interests, values, skills, learning styles, strengths and needs. Not only does utilizing a community work site allow the agency to develop a comprehensive view of the individual and his or her needs, but it also provides assistance in developing the best career path for each person.

On-the-Job Training:

Arc of Seneca Cayuga provides on-the-job training for people with disabilities, for as little or as much time as needed, reducing your need for training and orientation.

Employee Training:

Upon request, the agency can provide training to employees about working with individuals who have intellectual, developmental or other disabilities through our clinical services department.